Reset A Password

Sometimes you have a student or user that can't login and you need to reset their password.  You cannot for security reasons view what their password is for them, you can only reset it to something else. 

Users can, however, use the "Forgot Password" link under the login boxes on the site to retrieve their password.

To reset a User/Student's password:

  1. Login with your Admin account.
  2. Using the "Admin" menu dropdown at the top of the site, select "User Accounts". 


  3. In the following screen, search for and locate the student whom you need to change the password for and click the "Edit User" button which is circled below.  (If you do not see the red-circled edit buttons, make sure you are in the website's Edit mode.)

  4. In the Edit User screens, go to the "Manage Password" tab and look for the the textboxes to enter in a new password.  The website can also generate a completely random password and send that to the Student if you hit the "Reset Password" button as well.