Awesome Page Management!
Our Page Manager is one of the most powerful tools on the website.  It allows you to see the complete list of pages on your website, click & drag to rearrange your main menu at the top of the page, and edit almost every aspect of any page in one tool!  To get to the Pages tool:

  1. Log in with your Administrator Account, and go to the "Pages" tool in the Admin menu at the top of your site.

  2. The Pages tool will appear and on the left will show you a tree of all the pages in your website.  You can click any page to open up the settings for that specific page:

Here's a rundown of the major functions of this awesome page management tool:

Right Click on Pages For Common Options
You can right click on any page in the upper left to get a menu of common options so you can quickly see and make changes. 

View Page:  Takes you to the page you clicked on
Page Settings:  Takes you to the full page of settings
Delete Page:  Removes page from the website
Add Page(s):  Allows you to add multiple pages at once as dropdown items of the page you clicked on.  To create further subpages, simply put a ">" before the new file name.

Show/Hide From Navigation:  When clicked, the page will appear/not appear in the menu.
Disable/Enable Link in Navigation:  When clicked, the page will/won't be clickable in the menu.

Rearrange Your Menu By Clicking And Dragging
If you Click and Drag any of the pages in the upper left, you'll notice a dotted line that appears as you drag.  You can hover over any page with a "+" next to it to open it up, and anywhere you release the mouse button, the page will be dropped where the dotted line was.

Easily Identify Hidden, Disabled, and Special Permission Pages

Edit All Page Settings In One Place
Click any page to pull up it's settings for quick and easy editing of multiple pages.  

Common Settings - Edit the simple stuff about your page

Page Permissions - Simply click the checkboxes to determine what users can see what pages on your website. Checking "All Users" in the "View Page" column allows the entire world to see the page, while unchecking it allows Administrators Only to view the page.  Also, you can click any category below to allow certain user groups (such as Students or Instructors) to view a page.  Simply click the checkbox in the "View Page" column for the appropriate group and they'll be able to see the page when they log in!  This is incredibly powerful and allows you to easily set up an entire Student-Only or Instructor-Only section of your website!  In addition, you can create a page for one specific user if you know their username, simply type their username in the Username box and click "Add" to be able to give that specific user view permissions.

View Module List & Edit Module Settings - Easily edit or delete any modules on the selected page

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - On your website you should definitely enter in a description and keywords for every page of your site.  This as much as anything will help with your search engine rankings.  Not doing this makes the search engine choose keywords through your pages at random, and that's definitely not what you want to have happen.  You can enter them easily in the SEO section.  

Page Appearance -
We recommend you using the Skins tool in the Admin section to adjust the look and feel of your website, but here you can control the design on a page by page basis.  This can lead to inconsistent design if you're not careful though.

Page Link - With any page in your menu, you can alter what happens when that page is clicked.  You can have that menu item go to a completely external website (such as, link to another page of your website, or link to a file, such as a PDF.  Just change the radio button option and it will give you controls to either type in or select a different link for your menu item.  Also, if you're choosing a different external address for the link, it's a good idea to choose "Permanent Redirect".  This affects search engines, and it's good for your rankings.